Printsoft has launched a new mobile application that works on devices such as the iPad and iPhone for its web-based document authoring tool WebDirect. WebDirect is a solution that will help print bureaux, mailing houses and marketers streamline their workflow and document creation process. With this intuitive online system, multiple users can create, update, amend and approve documents online, reducing the cost and time investment of delivering on-trend direct mail.

WebDirect also intelligently handles variable data to produce bespoke documents, resulting in higher and quicker customer responses than non-personalised direct mail.

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Using an iPhone or iPad, Printsoft’s customers can make the process of developing personalised direct mailings and documents through WebDirect more efficient. As well as being able to work remotely, print bureaux can benefit from managing the document creation process around the clock. With less time spent chasing approvals, print bureaux can save time and money, enabling them to focus further on other areas of their business.

Mark Francis, Printsoft’s UK general manager, says: “It’s vital we keep our finger on the pulse of latest technologies to streamline the way users interact with our solutions. It’s also important to adapt to the changing work culture to enable people to work together across different locations, around the clock. The mobile app means print bureaux and their clients can maintain the momentum of the document creation process, regardless of where they are based, or what time zone they are in.”