Loewe Launches Apps For iPad

Loewe Launches Apps For iPad

Loewe Launches Apps For iPad

Loewe televisions and integrated AV systems are among the smartest available – and now they’re even smarter thanks to Loewe’s new Assist Media and VideoNet apps for the iPad. With these applications, German premium manufacturer Loewe has significantly enhanced the functionality of its already spectacular home entertainment systems. [Read more…]

Groundbreaking iPad-Only Book

Why the Net matters

Why the Net matters by David Eagleman

Groundbreaking iPad-Only Book Released Today By David Eagleman, Neuroscientist And Bestselling Author

Canongate announces the release of a groundbreaking app-only book from bestselling author David Eagleman, WHY THE NET MATTERS: HOW THE INTERNET WILL SAVE CIVILIZATION. A brand new way to experience narrative non-fiction, it is only available on the iPad. [Read more…]

Eyewitness Paris Travel Guide App

Travel Guide App

'Eyewitness Paris' Travel Guide App

DK announces its first travel app for iPad – Eyewitness Paris – is available on the App Store. The app combines all the beauty, depth and authority of the much-loved DK Eyewitness guide books with the large, high-resolution display, Multi Touch interface and portability of iPad, to provide users with a rich and immersive travel experience.

Following the DK Eyewitness motto of “showing you what others only tell you”, users are able to discover Paris area-by-area in unparalleled depth, including: [Read more…]

The Rough Guide To The iPad

Peter Buckley, author of The Rough Guide to the iPad is available to discuss why this is an evolutionary product.

Apple sold a million iPads in just 28 days in the US, and on Monday May 10th they are expected to announce UK pricing and open pre-orders. Is this device truly set to revolutionize the way people work, play and organise their digital lives? Yes, according to Peter Buckley, author of The Rough Guide to the iPad.

“The iPad can truly be whatever you want it to be and as such has an almost limitless potential market and limitless possibilities of use. It’s amazing just how quickly this device can become an essential part of your day-to-day life”.

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