iPad To Replace Pen And Paper

Since time began the pen and paper has been an essential tool for the bespoke tailor second only to the chalk and measure. That is all to change as King and Allen, the UKs favourite bespoke tailor, has found an innovative use for the Apple iPad to improve and enhance the customer buying experience.

Whilst reviewers have praised the iPad for its design and usability they have struggled to find any practical use for it. Not so the innovative tailors at King and Allen who are already trialling it with a view to the iPad playing a key role in the fitting and ordering process through the use of a pre-existing app. This will allow the fitting tailor to record measurements and customer requirements in real-time during the fitting itself. Once entered and verified the measurements will be sent directly to the master tailor, so ensuring the accuracy of the information and speeding up the whole process.

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iPhone Users New T20 Cricket App

As the Friends Provident t20 tournament gets underway, the life and pensions provider has commissioned a new iPhone application to enhance enjoyment and engagement with the t20 Cricket season.

Through the new application users can participate in an online leader board giving the opportunity to test their cricket prediction skills and knowledge of this year’s exciting new Friends Provident t20 tournament.

Those using the application can also check how accurate their predictions were against the actual results and see how they rank on the leader board. To help users, FRIENDS® has enlisted the former International England Cricketer and pundit Mark Nicholas to offer advice and tips.

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