Penguin announce iClarkson

iPad iClarkson

iPad iClarkson

The multimedia app for iPad delivers Jeremy Clarkson’s opinions on everything, including lists of his favourite things, features on his heroes and of course car reviews! The content is presented to users in the form of editorial pieces, pictures, videos and interactive elements which take full advantage of iPad’s vast real estate and Multi Touch interface.

Highlights of the iClarkson app include: –
*Jeremy Clarkson’s Virtual Study: On the walls, users will find pictures of more than 140 cars. Tap on a car and uncover Jeremy’s review, view photos, watch a video and see its stats. Then simply scroll along the wall to the next car.
*Jeremy’s Favourite Things: Throughout the Study, users will find pictures of Jeremy’s heroes, a Spitfire, his drum kit (which you can play) and even his answerphone machine – all of it waiting to be explored.
*Over 140 car reviews, 500+ images, 20+ videos and 10+ audio features.
*Feature content from top Penguin titles Driven to Distraction and Don’t Stop Me Now.
*An innovative and elegant display with visual indexing, quick-snap pages and unique bookmarking.
*iBumper feature that creates a digital bumper sticker with a few choice words from Jeremy that can be displayed for all to see on iPad.

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