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Accumulate Secures Mobile Banking Applications

Stockholm, Sweden – December 6, 2010. Accumulate launch the Safe Frame Library making today’s mobile banking reaching the security level needed to enable mobile services, like monetary transfers and agreement signing. Using this technology and the same platform, banks can also easily deploy todays and tomorrows mobile security, mobile banking and mobile payment services.

Accumulate Banking

Accumulate Banking

Today mobile banking initiatives is about information services like account balance, transaction history and money transfer between own and predefined accounts. To gain the next level namely transaction services, another level of security is needed. With Accumulates thin smart client and safe frame technology, including a full Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) implementation, banks can now start offer its users the next level of mobile banking services. These services also gain the ease of use graphical interface and are from start available on all mobile platforms on the market including the new Windows Phone 7.

“With this launch banks and financial institutions can move their mobile initiatives to the next level introducing best in class security.

Combining highest security with great user experience that works on most handset platforms, and this in a cost effective way, will pave the way for many new and attractive mobile financial services”, says Stefan Hultberg, CEO of Accumulate.

The Safe Frame Library in short
* Enable PKI security for existing mobile applications and mobile web services
* User is positive identified through existing web channel and receives an unique application ID
* When the application is activated the safe frame library executes a number of authentication verifications (IMEI, IMSI, PIN)
* Establishes a secure transaction environment trough RSA key exchange and AES encrypted TCP/IP communication to the transaction server
* Truly identifies the user and provides signature possibilities in accordance to EU’s directive on advanced digital signature, Directive 1999/93/EC

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