PARIS and HONG KONG – IPwe has joined the SME Focus Group on Artificial Intelligence, made up of innovators and service providers focusing efforts on AI technology to benefit SMEs across Europe. Backed by the European DIGITAL SME Alliance, the group’s mission is to drive successful adoption of AI technologies while encouraging EU policy and regulations supporting innovation.

IPwe joins European Digital SME Alliance Focus Group

Europe’s DIGITAL SME Alliance, composed of 20,000+ digital SMEs along with 30 national and regional SME associations, represents the largest network of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enterprises in Europe. Its size and reach allow for the Alliance to organize and influence policy and practice at the European level.

IPwe will provide EU SME’s with leading-edge IP solutions to simplify, accelerate, and lower cost for patent analytics, transactions, risk management and financing – enabled by AI-technologies and a global team with 100+ years of patent-AI expertise.

Together with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), the AI Focus Group will drive technological adoption thorough educating on the impact and influence of AI and related technologies. AI Focus Group members include companies headquartered in Europe with proven expertise in AI-powered enterprise solutions.

“IPwe greatly appreciates the AI-critical infrastructure created and the support we’ve received from the EU Commission and organizations like the JRC. The EU’s focus on AI, and its efforts on SMEs in particular, are incredibly important if AI is not to be dominated by a few massive companies. Building on these EU initiatives, IPwe will continue investing heavily in AI R&D and hiring in the EU,” said Erich Spangenberg, CEO of IPwe SAS in Paris.

“Next up is to work with EU SMEs, funding sources and service providers to create a database showcasing the IP attributes of EU’s most innovative SMEs. This database can then be used by SMEs, VCs and other funding sources and government to drive more financing for EU SMEs. We believe these EU SMEs are the engine to power our post-Covid economic recovery by creating jobs and solving important problems that a few mega companies simply are not suited to address.”

IPwe is pleased to join this pivotal group and contribute to European initiatives to develop a network of AI innovators across Europe, thereby supporting SMEs to innovate by providing the next generation of AI-enabled IP services and solutions.